Sustainability Spotlight: Shop These Sustainable Brands

As we approach Earth Day 2022, we appreciate and value our sustainable brands as they strive to create beautiful, eco-friendly garments using recycled fibers and sourcing responsible materials. As fierce opponents of fast fashion for both ethical and environmental reasons, Showroom works exclusively with brands that champion fair labor rights and mindful manufacturing to fight the global challenge of climate change. This week we will be highlighting some of our beloved sustainable brands and their honorable practices that celebrate Earth Day, everyday.
samsoe samsoe
Samsoe Samsoe strives to contribute to environmental sustainability, wherever possible and viable. They are committed to contributing to international principles for social and economic sustainability, such as fair labor rights and anti-corruption.
Re/Done began with the original concept of upcycling vintage Levi’s into modern fits, revitalizing preloved raw goods to create new styles while extending the life of stagnant stock. Since the brands launch, Re/Done has diverted over 145,000 garments from landfills and reconstructed them into coveted luxury collectables. As one of the largest fashion players distributing upcycled products, Re/Done has pushed the industry as a whole toward a more sustainable future.  
stine goya
Stine Goya strives to be open and transparent in regards to their commitment to environmental and social responsibility- administering a company-wide strategy to ensure the welfare of the planet, their people, and their product is a high priority focus. 
Ganni is on a journey to minimize their social and environmental impact everyday. In 2020, they launched the Ganni Gameplan, setting up 44 tangible goals to be reached by 2023 across four main pillars: People, Planet, Product, and Prosperity. For Ganni's new collection, 92% of its production volume comes from responsible styles, and 50% of the composition is certified using recycled and organic materials. The brand is committed to having 100% responsible styles in upcoming seasons. 


rejina pyo

Sustainability starts with making conscious decisions to create products that last, both in craftsmanship and design. For every product Rejina Pyo makes, they carefully consider the aesthetic, quality, functionality and sustainability attributes of the materials they source, and have been working hard to build the right network of suppliers which can support their goals to develop environmentally friendly materials.

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